Trying to transmit/receive audio with LimeSDR

I’m using the USB LimeSDR and LimeSuite from the Ubuntu PPA (version 17.06). LimeSuite sees the board: LimeSDR-USB FW:3 HW:4 Protocol:1 GW:2 GW_rev:8 Ref Clk: 30.72 MHz.

Device info from LimeSDR

My FFT viewer does not match up with Section 3.7 of the Quick Test guide

Nor does it match with the image in Section 4.5

I started doing this because I’m trying to do a simple test with gnuradio. I am reading from a Wav file, sending it over FM, trying to receive it. If I connect the NMFB Transmitter to the Receiver, everything works. I checked that the frequency is the same for the osmo source and sink, and I’m transmitting on antenna Band1. My gnuradio document is here:

Any thoughts? I’m disappointed that LimeSuite is so difficult to use. I’m not an RF engineer, so I don’t know what the switches and options mean, and when there is a tooltip for something, it contains worthless info. I also see that the latest LimeSuite is 17.10, with many versions in between 17.06, but the Ubuntu PPA is still at 17.06.

Can you update Lime Suite and test again. 17.06 is from June and there have been numerous updates since, but these didn’t make it into the packages provided via the PPA until yesterday, due to an oversight on our behalf.

It’s designed for RF engineers, but even so we recognise that the UI could be a lot better. The solution here is likely a standalone test utility which is much simpler and means that end users and indeed probably many developers, don’t need to use LimeSuiteGUI.

What’s someone to do when their FFT in the viewer doesn’t resemble what’s in the Test document?

Also, is the GRC file okay, or is there something wrong with my device?

I suspect your issue may be fixed by updating Lime Suite and in turn firmware/gateware. Please try this.

Post here. I’ll see if there is further guidance that can be added to the Quick Test page.