Trouble with readIniFile() -- pyLMS7002Soapy

So I’m trying to get a project running using the pyLMS7002Soapy library, so far it’s been really nice. But there are some settings that I would like to move over from what I have set up and tested in LimeSuiteGUI. So I tried using the readIniFile() function, it seems to pull in the file alright and parse it. But it fails when it calls:

writeRegisterBank(self, regBankName, MAC=0):
        regList = []
        for reg in regBankToWrite.getRegs():

It makes it down to the last line there (line 477), where while iterating through banks of registers to write, it tries to write to the register in regList indexed at … reg. python complains that It is not an integer or slice, but a “reg”

Far be it from me to suggest that something might not be correct (code is definitely not my strong suite) But I’m wondering if anyone has successfully used this function? I’m guessing that this should instead reference the index of the current reg. Part of me wanted to edit the file to just get it to work. But my classmate (correctly) told me to never alter the sanctified code of a library playing with registers that I don’t know enough about.

Anyways, if I’m wrong, then sorry bothering everyone, but it would be nice for this to be working, and I think it would be really quick fix.