Transfer a time protocol with LimeSDR

Does anyone know if the LimeSDR knows how to transmit a protocol of time, such as PTP packages? From one end to the other?

Like most SDRs, the LimeSDR turns RF into I/Q samples and vice versa. The rest is down to your software. PTP and NTP are network protocols, hence I’m not sure what this has to do with SDR, other than you might be able to use software-defined radio to implement the underlying network.

Some have used LimeSDR hardware for GNSS reception with the GNSS-SDR software, and also for GPS simulation.

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Thanks for the response.

I have a unit, like an oscillator, that issues an exact time in packages (PTP).
If I connect something like the LimeSDR, would he know how to transfer the packages to another unit?

Connect how?

My basic knowledge is that IEEE 1588 uses UDP/IP4 and/or UDP/IP6 to synchronise time between a master and a one or more slave devices. And that communication can either happen over a PTP aware network device that understands the PTP protocol and actively takes part (modifying the information flowing through it) or that communication can happen over a normal network device that does not understands the PTP protocol (it just moves packets from A to B and from B to A).

So if your question is can a full duplex SDR be configured to transfer UDP packets bidirectionally with random asymmetric delays due to the shared propagation medium, my answer is yes. But it is not plug and play it will involve knowledge, time and patience.

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The only entry it has is SMA, isn’t it?

Then I will connect from the oscillator SFP to SMA, to connect to LimeSDR.

Ok, thank you!

Do you have another easier way to wirelessly transfer the packages?

My suspicion is that what you are looking for may not exist and given the nature of the questions that you are asking, implementing it yourself could prove somewhat difficult. Though I could be wrong and there may be some simple air interface you could implement with, for example, GNU Radio, that would provide an IP link with the characteristics required.

Also may be that 5G uRLLC would be a good candidate:

But then even if it was, you would need a stack that supports it.

More generally this isn’t really a question of whether LimeSDR can achieve what you are looking to do, but rather a question of can any SDR and, if so, is software available to do it. As such I’d suggest somewhere like the GNU Radio list might be a better place to ask.


Attempting to plug a random device into any SDR, is just deliberately trying damage one or both devices.

“PTP packages”, you mean PTP packets, as in UDP (PTP) network packets (Precision Time Protocol encapsulated as data within User Datagram Protocol). I think that was the one thing that confused me the most about your first message. To answer your current question, that depends on the range and frequency band. It is like asking what is the best way to travel, it could only be to the nearest shop or to Mars, the answer is going to be totally different and fully depends on how far the destination is away.

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Ok, thank you very much! I’ll go over that.

Yes, when I wrote PTP packages, I meant the clock synchronization protocol.

As for what you said about the distance, you’re right.
Basically the most use is made of optical fiber, which can reach up to 80 km.
It’s clear to me that I won’t be able to reach this distance, so I want to make a transmission only on a local area network (LAN) - it’s about a few hundred meters.

Therefore, I am looking for a component that can transfer the protocol from one end to the other.

A LAN is cabled. An SDR is a wireless device.