Tool for testing the LMS8001 Companion board


Is there any tool that allows to automatically validate if LMS8001 Companion board is functional? I mean something similar to test tools for LimeSDR-mini and LimeSDR-USB.


Not that I’m aware of, but will ask the team who designed the LMS8001. Do you have or suspect a specific problem?

Not really, I just want to sell two of such boards and would like to quickly check them before (that’s embarrassing but I’ve never powered them on…).

I checked and I’m afraid there isn’t.

I see, thanks for checking this.

My setup for testing was a signal generator (morfeus or erasynth) into the LMS8001 then out to an SDR. Configuring the channels and clocks was a bit of a learning experience. The PLL sim tool is very useful for generating the configs.