Timestamp discontinuity after calibrate RX

It seems that each time I calibrate RX, there’s a discontinuity in the timestamps of ~5 additional ms.

This is pretty constant and calling calibration 10 times give ~ +50ms.

  1. Is this expected? I don’t know if it’s related to this.
  2. As my app needs to change RX frequency, I expect I need to call calibrate RX each time I change frequency?

During calibrations, internally a lot of settings are being changed, such as sampling rate which affects FPGA work. So yes, it is expected that during calibration no valid samples will be produced.

Thanks. So if I need to switch for example between 3 frequencies over time while keeping timestamp continuity, I should first run the calibration on each frequency, keep the tuning and calibration results, then reuse those tuning and calibration values to change frequency (using this code), right?

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Thanks a lot. It all makes sense now.