The bandwidth on Limesuit GUI is not changed when I loaded the ini file with the changed bandwidth

Hello, Supporters,
When I changed the bandwidth of the RX filter under RBB tab on GUI, and saved a ini file with save button on GUI, then I closed the Limesuit GUI, reopened it again, and loaded the saved ini file , found the bandwidth of rx filter was not changed on GUI , Could you pls tell me the reason?
I listed my operation steps in the following.
1 Power on the board, open the Limesuit and setup connection
2 Load a ini file with open button on GUI.
3 Change the rx filter bandwidth and tune under RBB tab

4 Save an ini file with save button on GUI
5 Close Limesuit GUI and reopen it
6 Recuild connection
7 Load the ini file saved in step 4
8 Verify the bandwidth, found the bandwidth was not changed.
@ricardas @Zydrunas Tamosevicius


Hi, the .ini file only saves chip register values. Setting analog filters bandwidth uses tunning process to find desired register values, so there is no way to exactly deduce bandwidth from register values when reading .ini file. When you load your ini file, the filters will be configured correctly, only the value in GUI will not be updated.