Testing Limesuite calibration widgets using FM re-transmit

Whilst waiting for my analogue VGA PCBs to arrive from Shenzeng I thought I’d have a go at the next logical step in trying to get the LimeSDR to work as a Femtocell.

There’s a lot of talk on the forum about calibration which got me thinking about why this gadget won’t boost the band 20 4G signal when my DIY analogue circuits are now working and whilst the following video is not the most entertaining to watch, it does show that calibration settings can be adjusted manually. Using the automatic Tx calibration button in Limesuite spoiled the transmitted signal :frowning:

The workflow is as follows:

Load up blocks into Pothos to build a simple FM receiver, tune it to my local radio station, load in blocks to transmit it to another frequency 1MHz higher, run the program in Pothos, stop the program, connect LimeSDR in Limesuite, change a couple of settings in the Limesuite tab to enable transmit once more, check there’s a response on my second computer, fiddle about with the various calibration widgets in Limesuite listening for audio improvement / degradation. Best watch the video really!