Temperature of LimeSDR XTRX

Hi everyone,

I am wondering how hot the LimeSDR XTRX is expected to be running. While doing some tests with the limeOEM --tests I’ve noticed the board is getting rather hot, and device->GetTemperature(0) reports temperature up to 60°C. It doesn’t take long to go to this point, maybe 5min after a cold boot.

The board is simply open-air plugged to CM4 IO via an adapter, and the ambient temperature is about 25°C.

Is this something within expected operation? Or is it an indication that something is not right with the board?

I didn’t use active cooling before, because I was doing RX only development before (following the basicRX.cpp), and the temperature was more in the range of 35-40°C, which was close to what LimeSDR Mini v2 operates in the same environment.