TDD mode and SoapySDR

Hello everyone,

I want to use my Limesdr in TDD mode with SoapySDR (python) and i want to know if they exist any example/tutorial who explain how to switch in this mode and how you use it…

Thanks !

Anyone have a example in C++ how to switch in TDD mode for the the limesdr ?

@IgnasJ do we have one?

There is no TDD mode selection. However, if you configure same frequency for Rx and Tx then a single PLL will be used for both.

Did you read this thread ?

Yes but is not really clear to me how to do it…
They use probably the LMS7002M API… I’m using the SoapySDR API and I don’t know if i can use the two API in the same time in my c++ application…

My goal is to use the same PLL for the RX and TX for a ground penetrating radar application. I just need to synchronize the PLL for the RXMIX and TXMIX…

Can you help me to achieve that with one of the API ?

Thanks !

Ok maybe I was not clear and assumed far too many steps, but if you look at what is suggested in the above link and then search through the soapy API code and see if it has already been implemented:

Which it has:

And then check when, where, or if EnableSXTDD is being called by the soapy API:

And then you just need to make sure that your code does what is required before ::SetFrequency is used.

Configure same frequency for RX and TX and make sure that the following is true, which it should be unless you are doing something more complex.
abs (freq + cF_offset_nco -center) <= 0.1 Hz

Thanks all for the information, I will try this