Sysmocom USIM-SJS1 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Apologies this is tangentially on-topic but know of nowhere else to start and the intarwebs are silent on the subject.
The LTE packages like OpenLTE and OIA all refer to the Sysmocom SJS1 SIMS as a good source, and the OAI HowToConnectCOTSUEwithOAIeNBNew refers to the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.

Ok, both those SIMS and a SGS4Mini (GT-I9195) work with osmcom gsm (nitb) just fine.

The problem arises with LTE that the phone no longer has an LTE network option - There is GSM/WCDMA auto, GSM only and WCDMA only. No LTE with the SJS1:

If I plug in a commercial H2O sim, which also works fine with osmocom gsm that option is available!

I’ve found a lot about how to get into service mode, which is interesting in itself but no obvious switch to use the Sysmocom sims on an lte network.

And the answer is: change the Mobile Country Code from the sysmocom default of 901 (Satellite networks) to something else - 310 for US worked, as does the usual 00101 for Test-PLNM.

Also the default mcc/mnc for OAI 208/92 also does not allow the LTE option in the SGS4Mini.