Stubborn Lime mini refuses to be acknowledged

Hi all,

I picked up a Lime mini a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get any sort of acknowledgement from the host upon plugging it in. I know there are plenty of things that could be going on but I’m exhausting my troubleshooting ideas and would love some input.

Before getting into it, I have looked through the discourse as well as other blogs for help - I found tons of useful information that helped me better understand the product (unfortunately nothing helped bring the board up). When plugged in the unit receives power as the indicator LED flashes red/grn, but so far the lights are on and no one’s home, so it goes.

I’ve run both Windows and Linux (PPA and source) installs on my desktop, and worked through their respective methods of dependency and driver installation. I’ve also installed to an Rpi running Raspian as well as Ubuntu Mate. As an extreme and futile measure, I even took a crack at running on a chromebooks’ Crostini Beta. Across the board, the device was not recognized. For example, testing on Ubuntu 18.04:

-‘lsusb’ shows no difference before and after plugging in
-‘LimeUtil --find’ is unresponsive
-‘SoapySDRUtil --find’ returns ‘No devices found!’
-‘udevadm monitor --udev’ is unresponsive upon plug in
-The LimeSuite GUI shows no possible connections

I’ve connecting through a powered usb hub to test for brownout, and installed the FTDI601 drivers in case the USB controller was acting up.

When looking through the FTDI documentation, I noticed in the FTDI601 errata a few issues regarding the FIFO clock across Rev’s A and B, though I’m not sure if this is at all the root (or if there’s anything I could do about it).

To prove to myself that I’m not completely useless, I borrowed my friends Lime mini v1.1, which was immediately recognized in my setup. Is there anything that I could have missed that would keep my v1.2 from being recognized?

Any advice is welcome, thanks!

if you have a multi meter, you could check the test point for each voltage rail.

Thanks for checking in. Yes, good call there., I’m getting appropriate voltage to the JTAG and EGPIO rails:
VCC1P8: 1.80V
VCC5P0_USB: 5.02V
VCC3P3: 3.29V
VCC1P8: 1.80V

-The fan header at J10 is sitting at 5.03V
-The LD39100’s at J15 and J16 give me 1.24V and 1.40V, respectively.

Apologies, that’s IC15 and IC16 for the last two voltages.

Unfortunately I still haven’t been able to crack this one, has anybody else run into this issue? As @yindra suggested, I’ve checked the rails and it looks like the board is receiving power, yet it remains unseen to the host.

Hi @chucklillard,

Check with CS if RMA is applicable.