Status of May boards batch

What is the status of the batch of boards that are going to be sent this month?

In an early update you said that they are on schedule, but with the first batch you made updates on every event, when the components arrived, when the boards arrived at Lime, etc…

Can we get more information about the evolution of all the process?

Also, are these boards going to be manufactured with the limited edition chip [1]?



Yeah, I can’t wit to try all the things I read here.

There should still be 1,000 LimeSDR units landing with Crowd Supply later this month and as they are handling fulfilment, you would need to contact them for a more accurate ETA.

Now that the LimeSDR is going into general availability we will not be providing blow-by-blow updates every time a shipment of parts comes in and boards get assembled and head out etc. It’s just not practical I’m afraid.

I suppose there must be separate pools of boards for the Type-A and micro-USB connectors - are you trying to match these to demand somehow? I’m wondering if this ‘May 31st’ date applies for both connectors, but I guess for an answer I’ll have to ask Crowd Supply about their stock :slight_smile:

Yes, Crowd Supply will be able to give the most accurate information regarding shipping dates.