[specific to preproduction 1.4 boards] limesdr issues with recent firmware

I think that your problem is that your LimeSDR board version is v1.2? I’m assuming it’s v1.2 because the LMS7002 chip’s version shown in your log is Ver=7, Rev=1, Mask=0. v1.4 should have Mask=1.

At least the MCU part will not work, as it was made for LimeSDR v1.4, MCU image needs 16K memory, and the v1.2 has only 8K, so MCU program can’t work.

Hi Ricardas,

I believe it is a 1.4 board. @andrewback this is the board that was shipped to me in November 2016 for the GPS stuff. It came with 1.4 firmware and I updated the 1.4 firmware successfully for what half a year or so; is it coincidence that the 1.4 firmware would have worked on a 1.2 board up until the MCU behavior was added?


The firmware did grow in size at some point in time whereby it meant we could no longer easily support the pre-production v1.2 boards also. The hardware version should be printed in the silkscreen on the board.

Silkscreen says 1.4. I hear what you are saying @andrewback re: part selection pre-production vs. production. Do you know off the top of your head the last gateware/firmware combo that was pre-MCU programming? I’ll start there. Thanks!

We did send you it as a pre-production board, right? I.e. it’s not one you bought via Crowd Supply. If so, I have a feeling there were a very few 1.4 pre-production boards made with a chip with smaller MCU RAM. @IgnasJ could possibly confirm and will also know which would be last supported commit for those devices.

This is the pre-production board, correct. @Ignas shipped it to me early November of 2016. (I had also pre-ordered a board via Crowd Supply but I gave it to a coworker who is playing with it.)

It looks like I will need to roll back LimeSuite on the host machine, recompile gr-osmosdr, etc. I’ll work on that this evening. I think I have a VM cached which is in this state if not I’ll have to build from tags. Will let you know what I find, Thanks all for the help, I updated the title so hopefully this isn’t a distraction for people with production boards.


Gateware 2 version 6
Firmware 3

and Pothos release 2017.05.02

work just fine in Pothos and GNURadio under Windows on my laptop with this pre-production board. This is satisfactory - thank you all for the help. I will follow up with sdr-radio.com community forums with questions related to that software. I’ll reword the title of this post to denote the pre-production board issue so hopefully new folk aren’t confused.

Thanks again,


Hi @hahnpv,

Just to be sure, what is going on. Could you go to “LimeLight & PAD” tab, “Modes” sub-tab. Here you will see “Read” button at the lower left corner. Push it and let me know what are numbers next to “Ver:”, “Rev:” and “Mask:”, please.

Chip version was shown in his console log:
[INFO] Ver=7, Rev=1, Mask=0

Correct @Zack your query shows Ver: 7 Rev: 1 Mask: 0.

Using the openSUSE Tumbleweed packages.

LimeUtil --timing

Connected to [LimeSDR-USB, media=USB 3.0, module=STREAM, addr=1d50:6108, serial=0009061C02C73925]
Reference clock 30.720 MHz
Creating instance of LMS7002M:

Timing basic operations:

SPI write register: 152.01 us
SPI read register: 148.27 us
TSP NCO setting: 1080.4 us
RFE gain setting: 150.948 us
TRF gain setting: 301.081 us

Timing tuning operations:

CGEN PLL tuning: 10.4933 ms
RF PLL tuning: 19.7636 ms
TBB filter tuning: 153.99 ms
RBB filter tuning: 225.752 ms
TX corrections: 351.12 ms
RX corrections: 256.001 ms

Done timing!

@Zack or @andrewback is it possible to confirm my board is populated with different components than the production boards, which thus prevent updating to the latest gw/fw? That would provide sufficient closure to me. Thanks.


It has an LMS7002M with half the MCU RAM of production boards, which means that you can only load an old firmware on this — later ones simply won’t fit.