Sonnet: Staying Connected TOTALLY OFF-THE-GRID

Another ‘Must have’ gadget on crowdfunding:

Send text messages, voice recordings, images, and GPS locations on your phone without cellular coverage, satellite, or Internet access.

Look really cool. If you can’t buy it for some reason, I think you can build it on a breadboard.

correct me if I am wrong but 1 Watt at Power at 868MHz is not legal. As far as I know only 25mW ERP with a dutycyle of less than 1% is allowed under SRD860 (Short! Range Devices 860 Mhz Band) for any other application in this band you need an proper license at least in Germany.

@FFY00 yes I think you are right. There is a basic rundown of how they developed it- but for the price they’re selling at i would just buy a pair. Actually, I would be more interested in the code that they used.