Some questions about LimeNET Mini and LTE

I bought a LimeNET Mini and I am trying to run the Eurecom OAI - Quortus EPC to realize a LTE basestation.

Today I successfully connected 2 iPhone 5c to the LimeNET, they can access the internet and make video call using polycom.

But sometimes it is not stable and not all phone can be connected. (iPhone 6s connected only once, another Android phone never connected)

I want to know whether I have some configuration problem.

  1. The Pocket EPC configuration is little bit different from what I can see in my device, and I didn’t find a place to do Mobile phone setup in iPhone. (in Android there is, but doesn’t make difference)
  2. When I started to run OAI, it says a gateware mismatch, then I typed LimeUtil --update, it doesn’t update. The LimeSDR board isn’t too old, also I tried to update on my laptop it says differently.

  3. I found when I plug my wireless mouse receiver and the LimeSDR cable together on those 2 usb sockets at the back of the LimeNET Mini, they would interfere with each others. But if I plug the LimeSDR cable at the front, it works better.
  4. I found that sometimes only a part of information of connected device would show on the screen of EPC-User. In the photo below, actually 2 iPhone is connected to the basestation, but it shows only the IP address of one phone.

I am going to use this application for industrial customers, so stability is very important. If there is anything I can do to improve it, please advice.

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Also I found that when a phone is too far from the basestation, it loses the connection forever. I have to reboot the LimeNET (or at least the OAI) to make it connected again.

Hi Shao

Could u share ur steps, I will try to replicate it.
Kindly give info on
a) Which version of the OAI are you on
b) What are the settings of config file on SDR & EPC
c) Which EPC you are running

There are couple of threads here, but none of them are clear enough to replicate


I am currently using LimeNET Mini with pre-installed OAI-ENB and Quortus EPC.

I didn’t do much of the setting since everything is pre-installed, so I just follow the steps on its user manual. I have a friend installed OAI himself on another computer, but it’s not as stable as LimeNET. I am not sure whether it’s the cpu/ram problem or EPC.

I will get back to you with the OAI version.

Here’s the video when I am testing the device:

Thanks. Would it be possible to replicate the setup with LIMESDR USB to any generic Intel x64 PC? Maybe you can post the steps, I can validate the same. I am right now following

Yes, it is possible.

Before I bought this LimeNET Mini, I bought a Dell computer with a i5 processor and 8g ram. My friend installed OAI on it, and it successfully achieved LTE eNB and EPC with LimeSDR-USB. It’s just that on my custom computer, the connection is not as stable as on LimeNET Mini.

For the moment, I don’t have the step by step installation document for OAI, since my friend did that part. He told me pretty much the same with your link though, so I think that is a good tip.

I will replicate myself on another computer, and will let you know my result, but it can take some time…

Password: 0lb8

Here’s a video for OAI running on a generic Intel x64 PC with LimeSDR-USB.