[Solved] Details matter, Quicktest observations/results

I bought the LimeSDR as a learning tool. It just made sense when considering the options at that time. I have no regrets and so far have learned a lot with a lot more left to learn. If it was too easy I’d have been bored by now. I like the challenges and that’s probably why most of us do this SDR stuff.

When I first got this I ran the Quicktests and just barely paid attention because I had already got a flowgraph working in gnuradio so was satisified that the board wasn’t DOA.

I was reading the latest “my board is deaf thread”[1] and noticed that almost every single screengrab from the LimeSuiteGui sohwed different results. So I updated to all the latest LimeSuite code and ran the self_test.ini[2].

Here’s my screengrab[3] and I circled those things I noticed that differ in those screengrabs in that thread and from the quick test page[4]. The screengrab from the quicktest guide for comparison[5].

So @zack and @andrewback do the screengrabs on the quick test page need updating? Do the instructions need updating? Both?

For example does there need to be addition of “GUI->Chip” steps?

I think we all benefit from tightening up the quicktest and the quicktest should be considered as the touchstone when you need to sanity test your LimeSDR rig.
The first and last word or whatever your favorite metaphor.


Extremely weak reception of strong signals, defective LimeSDR?








Your software is not the latest. You should wait until Josh will update PPA or compile LimeSuteGUI from sources from the master branch.

Nice simple solution!

Just out of curiosity does this explain all the differences seen in those screengrabs?
It’s simply just due to issues resolved on master branch?

Wanted to close this out. Updating to git master made all the difference. Although the I versus Q plot was sort of oval and not as round as the comparison image.