Software Defined Optoelectronics (SDO)

Hello Everyone, how are you? I’m sharing with you this scientific article, which has been recently accepted for publication in IEEE Sensors Journal.

In this work, we propose a general architecture for the implementation of Software-Defined Optoelectronic systems (SDOs). As an application example, we built a software-defined optical interferometer (SDOI) using the LimeSDR, that was applied to perform optical detection of laser-induced photoacoustic signals.

In this paper we show that the LimeSDR is suitable for applications in optoelectronic instrumentation and I hope it can be useful for those who want to apply the platform in other scientific applications, in addition to telecommunications.

Feel free to contact me If you want a copy of the article. I want to thank all the community (particurlarly @Zack, @andrewback, @ricardas and @joshblum) for help me to learn using this powerful platform.



Very cool indeed, congratulations and thanks for sharing, @Lucas!

@Lucas : Very interesting. I’m doing the same but in the RF frequencies. Would you mind sending your article ? I didn’t succeed in creating an account at researchgate.
Thank you!