SoapySDR TX/RX problem

Hi everyone!

I have recently been working on phase difference calculation on the LimeSDR and found some phase value offsets that affected during different boots of the system. I have managed to emit a calibration signal from one of the TX ports of the same LimeSDR but I am seeing some strange behaviours. In the images you can see the following:

Red signal: Signal that is passes to the TX stream.
Green and blue: I samples form channel 0 and 1.

Does anyone have a clue on how to make the transmitted signal steady? Or is it a problem on RX?

You can also find the piece of code I use for transmission here:

int flags(0);
long long timeNs(0);
int tflags(0);
long long ttimeNs(0);

rxBuffs[0] = rxBuffers[0].data();
rxBuffs[1] = rxBuffers[1].data();

long long txTimestamp =
    device->getHardwareTime() + 1e9; // 1 SECOND IN FUTURE
long long rxTimestamp = txTimestamp + 0.001e9;
cout << "Activate" << endl;

device->activateStream(rxStream, SOAPY_SDR_HAS_TIME | SOAPY_SDR_END_BURST,
                       rxTimestamp, receiveWindow);


cout << "RX" << endl;

cout << "TX" << endl;
int txRet = device->writeStream(txStream,, sendWindow,
                                tflags, txTimestamp, 10e6);

int rxRet = 0;
while (rxRet < receiveWindow && rxRet >= 0){
  cout << "Count: " << rxRet << endl;
  rxRet += device->readStream(rxStream,, receiveWindow-rxRet,
                               flags, rxTimestamp, 10e6);
  rxBuffs[0] = &rxBuffers[0][rxRet];
  rxBuffs[1] = &rxBuffers[1][rxRet];

Kind regards,