SoapySDR setGain() issue with LimeSDR

I apologize if this has been asked before as I am new to the SDR community.

I recently installed SoapySDR in an Anaconda environment on Ubuntu 18.04. I am trying to get a basic transmitter working but whenever setGain() is called, the SDR transmits a constant stream even without being setup. The python code is literally just:

import SoapySDR
from SoapySDR import *
import time

uhf = SoapySDR.Device({'driver': 'lime'})
uhf.setSampleRate(SOAPY_SDR_TX, 0, 10e6)
uhf.setFrequency(SOAPY_SDR_TX, 0, 437.29e6)
uhf.setGain(SOAPY_SDR_TX, 0, 40)

I have a waterfall plot running in the background and the fact that the LimeSDR is transmitting at all without being setup is concerning.

Should this behavior be expected or is it some underlying problem that needs to be dealt with? Any advice would be appreciated.

In the SoapySDR lib, one of the first things they do is basically -

uhf.setGain(SOAPY_SDR_TX, 0, 0)

Do not up the gain until you are ready to transmit.