Skyworks switch control

Looking at the Min Schematic I see that the TX output is switched between TX1_1 and TX1_2 using a skyworks switch controlled by FPGA bank 8. Does this happen automatically when you select the transmit frequency or do you have to
manually do the switching via the API. I know you have to select TX1_1 or TX1_2 as your output, is this enough to select the right skyworks switch combination to route the signal to the transmit SMA?

  • Charles

LMS_GetAntennaList returns a list of the antenna names. The index from the list of antennas is the path value in LMS_SetAntenna

Antenna As labeled on board Range In Software
TX TX1_1/TX2_1 Broadband “BAND1”
TX TX1_2/TX2_2 Broadband “BAND2”
RX_L RX1_1/RX2_1 Low band specific < 1.5GHz “LNAL”
RX_H RX1_2/RX2_2 High band specific > 1.5GHz “LNAH”
RX_W RX1_3/RX2_3 Broadband 100kHz to 3.8GHz “LNAW”