Simple GUIs

Just playing with a GUI creator for scripters called Glade - yeah they are ugly but work - first one just sets frequency and signal levels, so I can push spin buttons instead of editing python. Stole code from the pyLMS7002M examples.


Um, so Gnu Radio has GUI bits and pieces, and even a GUI-based flow-editor, as does PothosWare.

I say this because once you venture beyond “setting a couple of hardware parameters”, you’ll invariably end up in DSP land, and doing that “from scratch”, while a fascinating learning experience, means failing to “stand on the shoulders of giants”.

If that’s your intent, then great. Go for it. But if it’s because you aren’t aware of the existence of the above-mentioned tools, then I mention them here.


Ah, yes, encountered this with LinuxCNC. Which reminds me that I really need to get torch height control working on the DIY plasma cutter build (a bunch of HAL work required and a Glade panel for the UI).

In any case, I digress — not very SDR, although the plasma PSU does generate some “interesting” signals…

HI Marcus - remember you from the gnuradio list.

Yes, the intent is learning and using the LimeSDR and pyLMS7002M python library specifically, plus remembering (and re-learning) how to use Glade.

This mornings lesson was - how to set the antennas:

ValueError: Value must be [0, 1, 2, 3, ‘NONE’, ‘LNAH’, ‘LNAL’, ‘LNAW’]
found reading the Programming Guide p.29

@mleech - Marcus,

I actually think what Chuck (@cswiger) is doing is a great departure from the norm of GNU Radio Companion and Pothosware…I’m actually really interested in the components of a GUI and then working up to something more complicated as a means to not only understand the elements that tune the Lime, but as a means to pick up another skill in GUI development that supplements what’s out there. It’s not so much not willing to stand on the shoulders of giants as it is taking another path to learn how they got there.

Hope this helps to explain development in other ways - 73 de Marty, KN0CK

Oh, sure. Not criticizing. Fresh approaches sometimes lead to interesting destinations.

When I was a teenager, I wrote my own OS, despite having access to a perfectly-nice PDP-11 Unix system at the time. So, I understand the motivation…

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I agree and will gladly use others work if I know about it :wink: Loath to re-invent any wheels.

I think you worked in radio astronomy?
Did you read about the amateur satellite tracker who discovered a lost nasa satellite this January, IMAGE? Amazing story.

Yes, my main application for SDR is radio astronomy.

I haven’t heard about that one in particular, but this seems to happen more often with
modern technology in the hands of amateurs.

My one-time colleague, Balint Seeber, was involved in “waking up” ISEE-3 using Ettus USRP
radios, and the Arecibo dish.

Yes - I personally edited the wiki usrp page to add that to the list of applications - satellite reboot.

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