Setting up LimeNET network - resetting the device

I am trying to set up the LimeNET to use as a phone network for a lab I am helping, but prior to me others had been playing around with it. I don’t know what was done but I can’t get it to work. I was thinking about resetting the device, but it has a password that no one recalls setting.

Is there a built in password, or will I have to find a way to reset that as well?

LimeNET Micro or LimeNET Base Station?

Either way I think it would have shipped with Ubuntu pre-installed, so it should just be a matter of following the process to reset the password.

Hello Andrew,

I apologize for the delay. It is the LimeNET base station.

EDIT: I was PM’ed a password which worked with the associated account. This particular problem has been resolved. Thank you!

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Hey, I am trying to install SSH server on a LimeNet mini device but can’t seem to find the default root password. What’s the default password for the user Lime? Also, I cant seem to enter the system bios. Any specific tricks needed?

Afraid I’ve not used one, but @Zack may know…