SetPllFrequency Error when running two gnuradio flowgraphs simultaneously


I am trying to run two different flowgraphs on gnuradio with two limesdr. In order to run them simultaneously I wrote a script. When I try to run the script only one flowgraph works and other flowgraph gives setpllfrequency error. It there a way to overcome this problem? Maybe a adding delay between flowgraphs before running?


Presumably this would result in two applications trying to open the same device, which as far I am aware would not work. Assuming that you are trying to use MIMO capabilities of LimeSDR USB, you would need a single application which opens this and then operates with both channels.

@IgnasJ may be able to comment further.

Device serials are stated in flowgraphs. 2 different serial set osmocom sources for two flowgraphs. One for spectrum scan one for communication. Thanks.

D’oh! I missed that first time round…