Send a CW by limesdr by test signal

Hi, What I am doing is send a CW from TX to RX which pretty like the daulRXTX example. I working by API C++.
So, I try to use Test Signal to do this. LMS_SetTestSignal then set LMS_CH_RX, does it means RX enable to receive the test signal? Well, just like the TX send to test signal the RX receive it?
Or is there any other method to send a CW not by using the test signal

Then, I get a magnitude from the RX is about 0.96…, if I want change the RX magnitude, I should set LMS_SetNormalizedGain, is it right?

The third is that if I set both the frequency for the RX and TX are equal, the limesdr will set they use the same PLL default?

Thanks in Advance!