Self Test not working

I have seen several posts here, but they all seem to be at a higher level than my problem. I can get my just received LimeSDR mini to work with SDRConsole, but I downloaded the latest exe file of the Lime Suite GUI to my WIndows 7 laptop, and cant get the self_test.ini to work - log o/p here, opening the self_test script at 12:27:21:

[12:27:15] INFO: Reference clock 40.00 MHz
[12:27:15] INFO: Connected Control port: LimeSDR-Mini FW:5 HW:0 Protocol:1 GW:1.24 Ref Clk: 40.00 MHz
[12:27:21] ERROR: MCU FIFO full
[12:27:52] ERROR: SetFrequencyCGEN(15.36 MHz) failed
[12:27:59] ERROR: SetFrequencyCGEN(15.36 MHz) failed
[12:28:01] ERROR: SetFrequencyCGEN(15.36 MHz) failed
[12:28:10] ERROR: Operation not supported
Clicking on SXT Calculate always gives the error “Set SX frequency failed”
Any thoughts on how to proceed?

Of course, because you are using configuration file for LimeSDR-USB board which is not compatible with LimeSDR-Mini.

Hi Zack
I can’t find any other self test ini file for the Mini - can you give me a link please.

Thanks Zak. I was able to follow your link and download the test code. All worked OK, and the board tested OK. I was a bit worried about the hardware, as you will see from the attached photo which shows a couple of misaligned capacitors which could be shorting to adjacent components. Also the board gets hot - over 50 deg C in a couple of places.

where could i have this code for testing the limesdrmini because i have also the same problems !?

Just follow the link that Zack gave - here it is again:


Hi @dast, @tony1tf,

The latest LimeQuickTest software is accessible via this link. Click on LimeQuickTest.

with the limesdr mini i would like to look at the IQ constellation as can be done with the limesdr-usb
what is the process for doing this manually since the self-test.ini is not compatible?
in this guide it says the mini can be used hereIf using a LimeSDR Mini, tick the “RF Loopback ch.A” box only; if using any other model of LimeSDR, tick both the “RF loopback ch.A” and “RF loopback ch.B” boxes.
so if it says it can be done in the main guide in Section 2.4 then why can we not do it?