Segmentation fault on RPI3

Hi there when I am trying to see specs by SoapySDRUtil --probe I am getting segmentation error which has never been occured before. Any Ideas?

Hey @ogun,

Could you please tell me which versions of LimeSuite and SoapySDR are you currently using? Also, have you built both of projects from source, or have you installed pre-built packages?

I know for sure that SoapySDR works on RPI w/raspbian and LimeSDR-usb, and I have a working SD image backup of raspbian with both LimeSuite and SoapySDR somewhere. If you’ve built the projects from source, I could get you the git checkout id’s for the versions I have used. Maybe some recent updates broke something.

Thanks Toby it was downloaded from source according to the lastest versions. It was working last week. I got this error for the first time.

Did you do anything else of importance, like updating the system, updating the source code and/or rebuilding LimeSuite/Soapysdr before it stopped working? Also, I have noticed you have a mismatched gateware version; did you try ‘sudo LimeUtil --update’ ? It most likely won’t fix your problem, but it’s worth a shot.

Nothing was changed. I updated GW its still same.

Does the board work as intended when using LimeSuiteGUI? Could you please check whether it connects, and then try running the FFTViewer module?

When I try to make self test I press calculate and limesuitegui stops and gives same segmentation error. Happened for the first time. It might be libusb fault


Could you please try and update your LimeSuite installation? Firstly, you I would recommend you checkout the release tag for your LimeSuite git sources by doing the following command:
(LimeSuite sources folder)$/ git checkout v18.06.0
and then recompile and reinstall as per the instructions provided here:

Its solved. It was a swap area problem that rpi automatically shrinked it. Thanks @toby

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