SdrGlut v1.24 - What is new?

SdrGlut has a Help Window that covers the basic operation of the program.
SdrGlut can send I/Q data to other programs using TCP/IP or UDP modes.
SdrGlut has fixed the db read output in the Spectrum Window - removing the incorrect CSMeter routines.
SdrGlut has an extreme zoom for the Spectrum and Waterfall Windows.
SdrGlut has automated some of the input for the Audio Recording Window.
SdrGlut has fixed some data initialization errors that were causing random crashes.
SdrGlut has finally worked around a system bug in Ubuntu 20.04 that was causing a crash.
SdrGlut can set the VLC program mode for use with the decoding of real time TV.

With the GLUT interface, you need to right click in a window to bring up its menus.

If you are new to SdrGlut, You should watch the video β€œAn Introduction to SdrGlut (A software defined radio)” -

A user groups is just starting - you can ask questions there -