Sdrangel64_v3.9.0. false positive win32/peals.f!cl

Hello, I downloaded the latest build for X64. I got this false positive (Recent to Win Defender). I whitelisted it. Still no luck running it.
I see that it’s slated for WIN10. Is it possible to run on Win7-64 Pro? Do I need to add Python and or other things prior to install?

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Hi Ed, I think this problem is more a Microsoft issue with the latest definitions for defender. It seems that there are a lot of people having the issue with many different programs/apps that they have been using for quite a while. Hopefully the next round of updates from Microsoft will fix the issue.

I have been using SDRAngel on Win7 x64 Ultimate for many months without any major issues. Mainly just bugs in the app that are constantly being rectified by the developer. There is no need to install python etc. SDRAngel (on windows at least) is a completely stand alone app. No installation required apart from drivers for the SDR device that you are using (for example :- LimeSDR needs ZADIG drivers to be installed to make it work with SDRAngel).

On another note, the best place in this forum to ask about issues with SDRAngel is under the existing topic of “SDRAngel RX & TX”. It has a lot of people following it, including the developer himself.

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Brendan Jenkins,

Brendan,First of all, thank you.
I did a tad of research at work & found the issue is common.
Also, I am pretty sure that this laptop does not have OpenGL.
I’ll try it on the PC, this weekend.
The LimeSDR is pretty fun, so far.


OpenGL support is required. OpenGL also needs to be fairly up to date. I can’t remember exactly what version is required. A lot of older laptops with intel graphics will not work.

Let us know how it goes on your PC…

The PC is a Dell T5500. 12 3.3Ghz cores, 72G of RAM & recent graphics cards. Should be no issue at all. I’ll run through the updates, due to inactivity for a few weeks.

I’ll let you know.

Thank you,

Hmmmm…Sounds like a nice setup…Should work very well…I’m a bit jealous…hehehehe…