SDRAngel does not work with LimeSDR Mini 2.0

Hello all,

Could anyone please help with this?
SDRAngel does not work with the LimeSDR Mini 2.0, although it identifies it, but when you press play, it does not play sound and does not show a waterfall.

There are also errors:

  1. red if underruns
  2. red if calibration failed

Thank you!

It looks like antenna symbol shows ‘No’, try to select a connected antenna

Thanks for your answer.

When trying to change the antennas to other ones, everything is the same, nothing happens and the SDRAngel does not work.

I can’t use it directly either.
But on my m1 macbook it can be used with soapy. You just have to start it manually from the terminal.

sdrangel --soapy

Same here. I tried running sdrangel --soapy on ubuntu 22.04 but sdrangel does not recognise LimeSDR Mini V2.0 as a soapysdr device.
EDIT: SOLVED!! Just add LImeSDR Mini 2.0 as a MIMO DEVICE instead of adding as RX DEVICE!!!


Thank you, this finally made my LimeSDR Mini v2.2 work in SDRangel.