SDR on Arch Linux!

I have been adding/updating packages related to SDR in the Arch Linux AUR repository. My goal is to make SDR development/usage on Arch Linux as feasible as other distributions, or even more. This includes SoapySDR (as well as it’s modules), Limesuite, SDRAngel, Inspectrum, QSpectrumAnalyzer, etc. If anyone has any requests or problems, I would be happy to help :grin:. I would like to see this packages pushed to the official community repo, for this we need the packages to actually be used and/or voted in the AUR web interface.

If anyone wants to contact me, you can send me a PM, email or message me on Discord (probably the easiest one).

Here’s a link to my AUR packages:
Here’s a link to the MyriadRF Community-driven Discord server:

I’ll point out that keenerd is already the maintainer for GnuRadio+friends for Arch. I use those packages myself on my Odroid Arch images.

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Yes, those are already in the community repo. Unfortunately LimeSuite and SoapySDR aren’t, so you still need to install them from the AUR.

I’m suggesting that you work with Kyle Keen (keenerd) to get these incorporated…

Yes, I would love to but this packages don’t meet the requirements yet (10 votes or 1% usage on That’s why I created this thread, to let people know that this packages exist and consequently improve the usage statistics :grin:. Once they do meet the requirements, I’ll reach to get them added.

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Update. I moved several general SDR and LimeSDR related packages Arch Linux’s [community] repo!

You can find the list here:

Thank you :smile:

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