SDR Console TX working with Lime SDR

Today Simon Brown announced that he has SDR Console working with the Lime in TX mode. As we all know SDR Console is the best RX Software out there, and is donationware, and having played with his TX side on my Anan I am waiting with baited breath for the Lime TX release.

Alas Simon does not have an expansion board on hand so he cannot integrate the software for 0 to 10GHz whilst he his writing the TX side of SDRC with the Lime. Shame as I still dream of the Lime being a uW EME SDR TX/RX.

Paul N2EME

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Good news…
Hope he managed clear TX output :wink:

10G - One nice DBM and you are up there without problem…
I tested that in lab, looks ok. Just waiting for signal generator,
(EraSynth+ ,on Crowd, delay) to continue with some on air testing.
In case of further delay must look for another LO source.


@N2EME = Paul,

Looked on Simon’s SDRConsole website and I’m not seeing any announcement regarding LimeSDR transmit - Where did you see this announcement (link)?

Transmit with the Lime has been in place and operational/usable on SDRAngel since August for Windows (Win32 and Win64) and Linux for the entire time, too. But the comparison will be interesting to see.

73 de Marty, KN0CK
Carrier is strong, but not bad at all :wink:

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@9a4db - Djani,

Thanks for the link - saw this as a post to the LimeSDR Facebook page early this morning, too - It’s good that there’s a solution for SDRConsole coming but it’s still a little further out there in time, but good to know.

73 de Marty, KN0CK

The transmit section is grayed out on my SDR Console. Anyone know how to get it to work? I’m using Windows 8.1.

I’ve gone through dozens of posts here and on their website but nothing so far.

I have it receiving ok, though fuzzy.


He is still working on TX for the LimeUSB, especially since firmware has gotten changed). Simon surely will announce when it is ready for release.


Ok, thanks for the update. That was faster than expected. : )

So what are the options now for transmit?

I saw once some posts about some apps or scripts for a Spectrum Analyzer, and a Waveform Generator / Function Generator / Signal Generator, which is what I mostly need. But I haven’t been able to find them.

Any idea on those? I think it might have been GNU related or Matlab related.


I “Think” SDRAngel " is fixed, after the last firmware update. BUT, you must use the Zadig driver for the Lime.
THere have been a couple recent, or recently resurected threads on the other subjects in the past few weeks. Look around for them.


Thank you for the update.

I haven’t been in the forum in a while. Now that I’m back, it looks as the forum gets bigger its harder to find the right information.

I should ask 2 more questions I’ve been dealing with.

  1. Is there an accurate or better quick start guide these days? My old Lime computer broke. But I wasn’t able to get the software for Lime working on the newer one, despite the 10 hours I put into it. Seems to have gotten stuck at Cmake.

  2. I’ve been thinking of hiring a programmer off of freelancer or something. Is there something I should tell them as far how to get started with it, or just let them figure it out?

Thanks! sorry if its too many questions, but my eyes have gotten sore digging through the forum for hours.

According to this: (November 18th, 2018)

OM Simon managed to support LimeSDR in TX mode…

Version still, not available in download section:
Last relase:

3.0.3 Release

September 12th, 2018 , This is a full release kit, it is a signed kit

Any of you fellows are in Beta testing?

Release: 3.0.4

On January 28, 2019 in Release Notes by Simon G4ELI Simon G4ELI

Download here [Link].

What’s new / changed in 3.0.4:


  • ADALM-PLUTO transmit and receive support added.
  • Airspy HF+ support library upgraded to latest release, CPU usage now much lower.
  • Airspy HF+ supports pre-production units properly, also units with old / original firmware.
  • ANAN code given a lot of attention, working much better.
  • bladeRF2 now checks that the frequency is within the supported range.
  • Lime transmit support added.


Transmit options still in gray …

May be the Lime Gateware version 2.11 , bit to old?

It works for me on Limesdr mini. However i cant transmit under 27mhz.
Anyone know how can i transmit in the hf spectrum?
I want to try wspr on 14mhz. I reach to the other side of the earth on 200mw. Want to check the 10mw of the mini :slight_smile:

Anyone is able to run TX on LimeSDR-USB ? / not mini
If yes, on which Gateware version? / assuming must be at last 2.18 but need confirmation


just updated one of my LimeSDR-USB to 2.18
The problem is the same, TX not available…

No luck with 2.19 either :wink:

In case someone can reach Simon, please ask… appreciate.

My bad, must be sample rate 3.072 MHz
TX Running with 2.19