S/O 578256 cs-lime-05 failed self-test

Hi, we have a customer who ordered a cs-lime-05 from Mouser. They have reported the following issue:

“I have tested the device in Windows 10 and Linux and it fails its self
test and is unable to receive as it should. Similar symptoms from others
on the Internet have been attributed to a hardware manufacturing fault.”

They have also provided a screen shot of the error message.
Could you please advise if there is any trouble-shooting they may try?
Thank you

Just to be certain they should:

  • Make sure the latest version of Lime Suite drivers are installed
  • Make sure the device has latest gateware/firmware, by running “LimeUtil --update”
  • Run LimeQuickTest to test the board, making sure that there are no antennas or cables etc. connected to the RF ports while this is run
  • Be certain that a USB 3 port is being used and if media type is reported as USB 2.0 when running LimeQuickTest, try this on another computer and/or with a different USB cable (ideally plug the device in directly without a USB cable)

If this still results in LimeQuickTest failing, an RMA should be arranged.