S/O 563795 cs-lime-05 that stopped working

Hi, we have a customer who reported the following issues with a cs-lime-05 they ordered:

"Yesterday it decided to stop working.**

**It appears to be dead, the LED doesn’t light and the fan I had connected to it doesn’t spin, also it is not recognised by a computer."

Are there any trouble-shooting measures they can try or would you suggest we replace this unit for them?
Thank you

If it is not recognised at all by the computer and no LEDs come on, and they have tried more than one computer, it sounds like a hardware failure and the only option would be to replace it. However, it would be helpful to know more about the setup at the time of failure. E.g.:

  • did it fail while running
  • was an external power supply being used
  • could it have overheated (still a possibility when using a fan, depending upon the exact setup)

In general it will prove much easier to diagnose if they could post here directly and this is how we usually debug.