RX1L very low level signal, I have one defective unit or that is normal?

After i removed the coil for HF improvement, on RX1W the signal is very strong, and on RX1L is bellow to zero, even if the gain is at maximum
All connections and cables are OK, I made the modifications with very high care, checked with magnifying glass. Software also is good… I wait your opinion for that.

Which coil did you remove?

MN18 from RX1_L or the MN26 chip inductor for RX1_W
As you see, I use it the SDRConsole (V3) software and also HDSDR with ExtIO.dll file for Lime (but without sound on my case)
when I select the RX1L from both software, the waterfall is down…

Are you saying you don’t know which?

not understand you, I say MN18 and MN26 as is write on PCB

Ah, both, thanks. You previously said or.

@zack, thoughts?

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I see it now, sorry, my mistake


Could you help me, please?
My Rx1L signal is very low.
The quick test is all right.
With LimeSuite, the example.ini is ok with Rx1W and nok with Rx1L.
All parameters are identical, just change the active path to the RXFE and this is result:

I saw the same difference with gqrx or sdrangel.

Have you this problem? My Rx1L RF matching is deffective (no hardware modification done)?
Thanks in advance for your information.