Running MCU Calibration via LimeSuite

Hi @IgnasJ,
How can I run the calibration routine 5 and 6(Calibrate RX analog filter and Calibrate TX analog filter) via the Lime Suite API ?

LMS_SetLPFBW() calibrates RX/TX filter.

Hi @IgnasJ,
Now I am able to set the LPF Bandwidth successfully . I am using LMS_Calibrate() to do RX chain calibration and it gives me the following error
Rx calibration: MCU error 5 (Loopback signal weak: not connected/insufficient gain?) .
I am not using LMS_Init as this is a custom board . I have the following questions —

  1. Do I have to enable some components before using LMS_Calibrate ?

Hi @IgnasJ , your inputs are required .


Calibration should be performed after RF chain is properly configured (RF frequency, module enables, , antenna path, gains…).
The error indicates that signal level is to low (may be because of disabled modules or low gain settings).


Hi @IgnasJ,
It would be great if you could tell me which modules to enable specifically . I’m setting all gains to maximum and still getting this error .


Hi @IgnasJ,
It is not an issue related to gain setting (it still fails with maximum gain ) . So it would be great if you tell me which modules to enable .

Using LimeSuite API functions the following sequence should be enough:

Basically, LMS chip should be ready to receive/transmit, when running calibration.