Running GSM transceiver on different antennas


This might not be the right place to ask this kind of questions but… Is there any way to run MyriadRF’s osmo-trx using different set of antennas rather than default (LNAL, TX1)?

Unless there’s something can be passed in with -a ‘driver=lime,device=0,[here]’ (args) I don’t see anything obvious - looking thru the device open in osmo-trx/Transceiver52M/UHDDevice.cpp

    // Find UHD devices
    uhd::device_addr_t addr(args);
    uhd::device_addrs_t dev_addrs = uhd::device::find(addr);

it’s hard coded to just use the first device for instance. Might have to compile in a set_rx_antenna / set_tx_antenna as a hack-around.

Was looking for this info for quite some time.

I’m trying to run a BTS in the 1800 band (antennas connected W ports). My handset can “see” my BTS, but I’m unable to register it on the network. Couldn’t find any reference to the configured RX channels in the source code.

Is there any way to set other “default” antenna’s?