RFDIO FX10B-80P/8-SV1(71) Footprint error


It appears there is an error in the RFDIO documentation (https://wiki.myriadrf.org/RFDIO). The black and white picture shows the digital connector (FX10B-80P/8-SV1(71)) with the chamfer near pin 1 in the upper left corner of the picture. However, in order to achieve the configuration shown for the reference development kit, the odd pins and even pins should switch places. The chamfer pin and pin 1 should be on the bottom left. This is shown in the actual PCB implementation in Zipper Development documentation. The two conflicting images are shown below. Can someone confirm the black and white footprint drawing has an error? It would also be helpful to correct this for other users and future projects.



Hi Rob,
I think that black and white picture is in fact the mating connector on zipper for X3 connector on myriadRF board. That is male/female connectors mating.


Thanks Bachir.

That’s a good thought. You’re right that could be the footprint of the female FX10B-80S/8-SV(71) on the motherboard and not the male FX10B-80P/8-SV1(71) on the Myriad-RF Development Kit (X3). I guess I was assuming the footprint was for the male part since the next paragraph shows the dimension for the connector on the Myriad-RF daughterboard.

Thanks for the clarification. It would be a painful thing to get wrong!