RFC: creation of notification list / newsletter for new SW/FW/drivers releases

Hello all.
Thank you to the LimeSDR team for all the work being done on upgrading/updating the SW and FW.

Currently, I have to periodically go and browse to these web pages and check for new versions of the sw/fw/gui/drivers:


a) Would it be possible to add all the board owners to a mailing list/newsletter or something similar that allows to be notified of latest released sw/fw ?
b) Possibly with release notes listing the changes?
c) I see github has a “Releases” tab that could probably be used to automatically notify people following the project. Is this true/feasible/suitable for your sw production process and all the assets to be tracked?

Excuse me if this has been already considered or done, after a good amount of searching I wasn’t able to find it…

Kind regards,

Hi @mariocannistra,

You can sign up for e-mail updates:


https://myriadrf.org/projects/limesdr/ (gateware and firmware)

https://myriadrf.org/projects/packaging/ (packaged applications)



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Hi @andrewback and thank you.
I just subscribed to all 3.

Hello @andrewback
I’ve seen there’s a new version of PothosSDR dated May 16 in this folder : http://downloads.myriadrf.org/builds/PothosSDR/

I did not receive any email update even if I subscribed 13 days ago.

Did I do something wrong or is there something to check in the notification mechanism ?

Kind regards,