RF-AntennaSignal is weak?

Hello ,

i use atm this LimeSDR succsessfull as Amatuer transmitter, i have modify the output power to 2W
and have in RX Line an RF-Preamplifier of 30DB . On the End i have an Zetagi - Antenna Automatic Switch ther cut fast the output signal from inputsignal.


I can very good receive close Stations with Signal over S9 Stations under S9 are not more received.
What i can Do to optimize the Receiving results, antenna is a half wave Dipol all ist testet on ICOM-7300 succsessful.

Weak Receiving on Short wave 10 Meter Band
Thx for any suggestions
Karsten from Berlin

Example : for IQ /Data - https://youtu.be/sMUkYmDtorM

The LimeSDR mini has a receive gain that can be adjusted between -12 and 60 - have you tried adjusting that ?

Thank you HalfPlane, for response, Yes i do Gain +10 db more is not good point at peamp. . Atm i use LIME-SDR-MINI with programm SDR-Console, works okay so far… but the station’s where are a bit weak can’t receive in comparisation with ICOM-7300

The only place that I have tested the reception of the LimeSDR mini extensively
is at FRS(~462MHZ) Frequencies - there it only slightly poorer than my Icom IC-R8600.

You can change the gain in SDR-Console for the Mini.