Relative position of I_A, I_B, Q_A, Q_B in the DIQ2 stream


Hello @Zack
We have been able to make progress and are able to capture signal using multiple LMS chips in a clean manner.
The problem is the relative position of I_A, I_B and Q_A and Q_B in the datastream. We are using the default settings for these and expect to get I_A, I_B, Q_A and Q_B but instead are getting I_A, I_B, Q_B followed by Q_A.
Please advise. All the LMS chips are being programmed/initialized with the same code.


Hello @Zack,
We are unable to understand the positioning in our system.
We have 8 LMS chips (S/No: 1 to 8).
LMS chips 1 to 8 except 6 give out the correct sequence while 6 gives out a different permutation.
They are all programmed in exactly the same way and the data acquired from them in the same way.
We have made our peace with the approach that the default way LMS gives out data is I_A, I_B, Q_B, Q_A.
Please advise,


Hello @Zack,
Looking forward to your inputs on this.


Hello @Zack,
Sorry to bother again, but we are close to our project completion and could use your valuable input.