Reference designl for the Zipper and Myriad-RF Development Kit

Where can I find a simple FPGA HDL code (reference design) for DAC/ADC control on the Zipper and Myriad-RF Development Kit?

More specific, I am looking for Xilinx FPGA interface (reference design) to the Zipper and Myriad Development Kit.

Hello razvanm,

There is project done with ZedBoard,[link]. Zedboard is using Xilinx FPGA.


Hi Andrew,
Sorry for the long delay. At the indicated link I found just a place holder for the “Zipper+ZedBoard FPGA RTL”. Please let me know if I am missing something.

Try link below:

Hi Andrew,
Didn’t find reference design, only:
BootBuild - Files required to compile BOOT.INI.
doc - Guide how to compile BOOT.INI.
SDCard - Copy these files to the SD card. Replace BOOT.INI file with compiled when necessary.