Recommendations for external clock

Hi all,

I am trying to improve performance of limesdr mini and limesdr usb to perform measurements as accurate as possible, and maybe a external clock source could be a good point to start with.

I am currently using them to receive at 1.5 GHz at their maximum sampling rates. Maybe in the future I will use them to transmit as well, but I guess it should not make a difference for this topic?

Do you have any recommendations on a external clock that is suitable for both families, mini and usb?

Besides changing the position of the 0-ohm resistor in the limesdr mini to use the external clock, should I consider anything else (for both families)?

Thank you!!

You will have better performance with LimeSDR-USB, since this has an additional phase detector, which the Mini lacks due to space and being cost optimised.

People have reported that the Leo Bodnar GPS references work well, e.g.:

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@andrewback Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to get one of them :slight_smile: