Recommendations for accessories for LimeSDR Mini?

Hi everyone.

I’m about to buy a LimeSDR mini, and would like recommendations on what type of accessories to buy.

My use cases:

  • Tune antennas (868MHz)
    I’ll probably be using
    For this, I think I need a SMA short to calibrate, but that should be it as long as the antennas I want to tune have SMA connection? Edit: I think I need a RF bridge?

  • Listen on 2.4GHz (non-wifi)

    • Fingerprint fake vs original RF modules
    • Analyze security in proprietary protocols
      No accessories needed except antennas?
  • Communicate with short range devices on the 868MHz ISM band (RX+TX)
    Short range, so the TX power is probably sufficient (no need for power amplifier, at least not to start with)

  • Listen to X-band
    This is probably a bit in the future. I think I’ll need a downconverter and these seem expensive.

I already have antennas for 868MHz and 2.4GHz

Should I get any attenuators? If so, any particular value(s)?
For TX, should I have any filters to avoid spurious transmissions?
Should I get a fan and/or heat sinks?
Would a dummy load be useful?
Should I get a RF Bridge?
Anything else?

If you want to tune antennas, you will need a reflectance bridge. Also, don’t scrimp on cables and adapters - get the good stuff. I have a Pomona adapter kit that will pretty much mate anything to anything else and cables for it (see for an example). For the other applications: you may want to see if you can find some appropriate band-pass preselector filters for those bands, to keep the front end from being overloaded with broadcast FM and the like.

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