Reciever Troubleshooting

Hello I have been using my Lime under RX1_W (HF modified) it has worked great no problems… All of a sudden it seems as if it has lost any sensitivity and cannot recognize any signals. Signals that it used to receive at a certain level now It can barley see. I have used the other ports on the Lime such as RX2_W and RX1_L and they see everything and the signals at the appropriate level. What happened? also is RX2_W HF modified if not what would I have to remove?

Same here some months ago. Probably burnt LNA.

Just to mention that since first HF power on with both of my LimeSDR-s
I am using LNA4HF and most of the time home made antenna split and protector.
So far replaced once MMIC on LNA4HF, all with kind assistance of Adam 9A4QV
/ that particular night my HM protection device was not in line :wink:
Any way it is good to spent 20-30 USD on front-end protection of 300++ USD LimeSDR device.