Receiving TCP Packet LimeSDR Help

Hi everyone!

I was curious if anyone can kindly help me out in understanding what’s wrong here.

Currently I am using GNU Radio as my go to SDR software for the LimeSDR. This is the current flow graph

Every time I take a peek at the .txt file its just empty. The TCP Server is hosted on ubuntu using Netcat as a simple server.

The end goal is to send out a TCP packet have the LimeSDR Tx that packet and have it Rx it as well. This is just a little mock up to see if I can even receive TCP packets. Any suggestions as to why the File Sink file is empty?

“Unbuffered:on” may help if everything else is Ok. What version of gnuradio are you using on what system, having “TCP Source” is unusual and as I recall sometimes does not work.

Thank you for the reply.

I will try the “unbuffered:on” and see if that does the trick. The version of GNURadio I am currently running is V3.9.5 and its on Ubuntu 22.04LTS

Looks the issue was within the GFSK Mod block where unpacked was OFFF. By turning unpacked ON it worked.