Rebuilding and uploading gateware for LimeSDR mini

I want to modify the gateware on the limeSDR mini board but I am unable to make it work.

I tried to recompile the gateware shared in the github repository (LimeSDR mini factory gateware), convert it into a .rpd file and upload it to the limeSDR mini board to verify the src code to deployment process but Whenever I try to convert the programming file, I get a message saying 2 pages are needed for conversion:
What does this mean?

Here is the config:

@Zack, any suggestions?

Hi @nalostta,

Use gen_pof_file.cof from:

Thank you so much @Zack! I was able to rebuild the gateware and upload it.

I have followup question,
I tried to modify the system in the top-level design by connecting the terminals of the led1_R and led1_G to a counter. I was able to generate the programming data file but upon uploading it the modifications did not appear and the system seemed to working exactly as it did unmodified.

I added a small counter into the design to implement the blinking part as follows: (the blue wires are the additions along with the counter block):

Hi @nalostta,
It looks like you are using old bitstream file. Just make sure you point to recompiled file in the pof.

I checked the timestamps of “LimeSDR-Mini_factory.sof” file, they were the latest and I also selected a new path for the pof file. still the same issue. Also I haven’t modified the LimeSDR-mini_lms_trx.sof is that also required to be modified?

From what I understand, the 2 paged sof files are the inputs and the pof is the conversion output (along with rpd) correct?