Raspbian 4 & gr-limesdr Tx not working

Hi Everyone,

I’m using the Raspbian Software Toolchain to get gr-limesdr transmitting via my mini but:
1/ gr-limesdr-0.9~beta-1 has problems with Tx, and
2/ build from src from git gives warning on device closing.

Libs / binaries for LimeSuite, liblimesuite, gnuradio are all from apt. Obvs, I cannot add ppa:myriadrf as there is no Raspbian Buster available. I’ve also tried building these from source but the LimeSuite builds OK but is broken.

Any light very welcome.

73s C

Output for Route 1:

Output for Route 2:

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Hey M0IEB,

  1. 0.9 gr-limesdr version is very old, you really shouldn’t be using that.
  2. It seems even after your compilation it is still using the old 0.9 version, did you do sudo make install and ldconfig?

Hi Garmus! Thank you for the convo.

  1. That’s good to know. Raspbian Buster only offers 0.9 from their apt / “Install Software” toolchain so I imagine many will stop right there.
  2. Hmm. That is something to check. I uninstalled all gr-limesdr tools and manually searching for any symlinks to remove but didn’t find any. I git cloned and ‘maked’ using the regular process. Definately did an install and ldconfig after. I’m used to making my own OOT gnuradio libs :slight_smile:

You must know from the Route 2 images what 0.9 code looks like. I downloaded the latest and attempted that.

To be sure I fully remove the apt version AND the latest version - what dirs should I be checking? I’m looking in /usr/lib /usr/local … etc.

73s C

I know that your Route 2 is old because the newest gr-limesdr versions actually prints out LimeSuite and gr-limesdr versions.

The dirs should be either /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/limesdr or /usr/local/python2.7/dist-packages/limesdr depending on whether you installed using apt or from source.

Also, since it did have this ancient gr-limesdr package I wonder which LimeSuite version you have, it might be very old too. You can get 19.04 (latest stable release) from osmocom.

Brill - is this for Raspbian Buster? Building from src does not work.

73s C

They have LimeSuite builds for Raspbian 10 & 9 so you don’t need to compile it, just add their raspbian 10 repository and install.

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OK, here’s my progress that I’ve documented for others.

  1. Added repos:

  1. Installed limesuite 19.04 (and associated libs too)

  1. Sudo ldconfig. Checked LimeQuickTest works. It does.

  2. Attempted to recompile gr-limesdr but am thwarted by a missing env var.

Not sure why the lib is not found. Will continue debugging. More to follow, pointers welcome. 73s C

Try installing liblimesuite-dev.

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