Question - power

Ok, so had some SDR issues some ‘user’ caused and other caused from not enough power (possibly) from usb-c on Mac. So I open up the aluminum case to see if the power adapter is on the board… nope.

Question, should I be looking adding the power adapter and then using usb-c and power… or just stick with the dongle? Thoughts?? Right now the dongle is not working on my Mac Book Pro, had to spool up an old windows laptop - LimeSDR-usb working on that for now.

Appreciate any suggestions / ideas

It’s interesting that you are having power problems with this. My LimeMini ran OK even on the USB2 port of my ancient MacBook Air. Is yours a Mini or the big one?

My newer machine has a USBC-USB3 dongle (Insignia brand), and I have seen no signs of power problems. Since USB-C can handle a lot of power, due to its much higher bus voltage, I would expect it to be fine. The only thing my USBC-USB3 dongle doesn’t seem to do right is power my old DVD-ROM drive, and I think this is a firmware issue. It pops up a dialog saying the derive needs to be connected to a powered port, and it most definitely is (and it was designed to run of USB2, too, so there should be plenty of power).

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Ya… not sure. BUT the tests proved that my LimeSDR-USB works but when hooked up to the Mac Book, it does not work RX or TX… it was frustrating, cuz I chased that issue for several days. Oh the Mac Book is 2018, so like you said it should power no problem. I have the power usb dongle for the Lime, and plunged in both USBs, still had issues.