Pybombs & Limesuite GUI

I have installed gnuradio, limesdr, etc. using pybombs. It seems that the installation was successful, but I cannot find the Limesuite GUI. What is the recommended way to install the GUI?

If you are using pybombs my guess (after scrolling through ) would be
$ .
$ pybombs install limesuite

EDIT: Or you could click on and read the linked documentation which is at and then decide what way you want to install it.

I have done “$pybombs install limesuite”. LimeUtil works fine, but I cannot find LimeSuiteGUI.

Reading through pybombs recipe for limesuite they actually explicitly disabled the GUI (-DENABLE_GUI=OFF) - probably to reduce the number of dependencies, to make it faster and easier to install. So my guess is that the pybombs install is being used for lms7 API access to the physical devices only. Probably to reduce bloat so that it will use less storage on smaller SoC boards.

I’d be inclined to “git clone git://” the source code for limesuite from and install a second copy for GUI access only in a non standard path like /opt so that gnuradio could not find it, and accidentally use it. I’d mostly follow this with a change for the cmake command.

Thanks. I got it work now. I changed -DENABLE_GUI=OFF to ON in the recipe. It did not have any effect first and I didn’t got any errors. I had to do “$sudo apt-get install libwxgtk3.0-dev freeglut3-dev” first and rebuild “$pybombs rebuild limesuite”.