Producer Support

Where is the producer / develooper Company of SDR-Lime ? Is it here only an Fan -Forum ? We have buy some SDR-Mini, and now we stucked on this Project , only why we are not able to transmit Audiodata in that Format what is needed to FPGA- Capture and resent is working but useless.

Questionis : from wehere we got information to bring out Waveform Data as I/Q Datastrom-
The Example from SDK is not the right way. And send always undefined Wavepieps.

We need an AM/FM/USB Function the convert a Waveform Audio into the right format.

ATM we have turn to “red pitaya”, there works easy with em SDK (but larger Board).
What is the Problem ? Wehre is the Producer of SDR-Lime ?

thx for any help in this case.

Your question is vague. There are no simple functions nor SDK to convert audio from sound card into AM/FM/USB I/Q modulated signal. This is SDR technology with all benefits over analog systems but at a higher cost in requested intellectual knowledge (about software and hardware).
If you want to learn how SDR works find open source projects using sound card as A/D and D/A converters (PowerSDR for example). Each program has a library for DSP functions (DttSP.dll) where all I/Q modulation-demodulation are performed. Once you fully understand I/Q data system just change the sample rate to LimeSDR range (48k-192k audio into Mb/s) and voila: you are transmitting! For a simple modulation scheme forget FPGA usage (only needed for GPIO read/write access).
PowerSDR has software port for Red pitaya, the principle operation for LimeSDR is identical except a difference in sample rate.